Instant Electric Hot Water Dispenser

Single Handle Instant boiled Water Dispenser System with Tank European style and regulation

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Product Details

instant electric hot water dispenser European style and Regulation for DIY Market (such as Watersmith,B&Q,Leroy Merlin,Saint-Gobain,LidL etc.)


·       Includes Brush Nickel finish instant hot water tap and stainless steel water dispenser

·       Delivers near-boiling water with easy-to-adjust temperature control

·       Tool-free tank connections and dry-start protection to ease installation

·       Ideal for instantly preparing hot coffee, tea, and other food, cleaning dishes, warming baby bottles, and so much more

·       Exclusive 1-Year We Come to You In-Home Full Service Limited Warranty; That means we come to you if your water dispenser needs service within the warranty period.

     Outcase shape: Internal button type outcase

PRODUCT CATEGORY instant boiling water dispenser tap


Description   of  Dispenser Tank:220-240V AC,50HZ,

1.Model   Number:


2.Tank Body

Stainless   steel 304


mechanical On/Off

3.heating   plate

The tubular heater element, embedded below the stainless steel floor plate, is not immersed in water to avoid impurity substance corrosion and potential electric shock.


Accurate Floating   within 0.5

5.Hot water   dispenser temperature


6.Work   temperature

5-38 water   disperse per time



2.4 liters hot  water

6. Initial   heating

quick initial   heating ,7-8mins (Depends on the inlet water temperature)


Quick   reheating ,2-3mins  (Depends on the   inlet water temperature)  

8.Installation   set

Easy and fast   installation for Floor standing with also wall hang option under sink


Non-pressure   system /Open Vent design with safety       

10 Outcase character

external button cover type

 patent for instant boiling water tank tap system


Product Advantage:

       Bladder prevents scalds via equalizing and reducing pressure (Patent)

       Overheating Sensor and shut-off

       Silicon tube from Faucet to Filter and Filter to Tank

       Heating Element System and diverter prevents lime-scale and improves safety and efficiency (Patent)

       Laser wielding Technology to prevent rust and improve quality(Patent)

       Non-pressure system (No Pump and Vent) (Patent)

       Easy Installation

 boiling tank +tap system Usage scenario  700X700

Guarantee and  Disclaimer


1. For the purchase of our company's full set of products (full set refers to: filters, heaters), due to quality problems, the warranty is within 1 year, and 3 years of warranty due to our accessories failure, we will supply the FOC parts to repair. Accessories definition: electronic control system and heating system and venture bladder system.

2. In case the customer does not use our water filters and faucet ,but only use our heater, we can only give the heater a one-year Gurantee. And We will not give any warranty time if the water does not filtered by the anti-scale filter.

3. The heater must be put upright , and not allowed to tilt or fall down, if the wrong placing  causing any accident, our company will not be responsible for any of the loss. We recommended you to fix it in a safty upright way.

4.When open the heater packaging and take it out , you are request to unscrew the red outlet cap and then unscrew the blue cap. If you feel small amount of pressure release from the pipe , this is normal .

5Without the Anti-Scale filter ,The dynamic water pressure of the heater is between 1.5 bar and 5 bar. If the inlet water pressure exceeds 5 bar, the pressure reducing valve must be used. Otherwise, we will not give any warranty.

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