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Effectively prevent the hose from entangling and knotting
- Apr 18, 2018 -

The unique life style that showers show us is a continuation of its functionality. Many big brands are developing shower heads with multiple water delivery methods. In addition to the most basic general water flow for simple and quick showers, there are different water flow and water volume control for extra functions such as massage and shampoo. So that each bath is comfortable and in place. In order to let people experience all the different showers, there are series of hand showers and shower towers in the market that suit any mood and occasion. These products combine reliable and durable features with a truly unique design that excels in particular. The details of love.

For example, incorporating a cold touch design into the showerhead creates a layer of insulation between the surface of the shower and the hot water flowing inside. Even after a long period of high-temperature hot water showers, the handle will not be too hot. In the bathing process, we often change the direction of the nozzle, and the result is that the hose is tangled together. If the shower head accidentally falls, it can easily be picked up by a nozzle that is not directed to drop. And our brand shower can effectively prevent the hose from entangling and tying the knot, keeping the tube arm smooth for every rotation.