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Shortcomings of the tradional instant hot water machine filter heating dispenser
- Jan 04, 2019 -

Instant hot water machines or instant heat filter heating machines are popular trends in recent years. It is popular because of its small size and fast heating. However, its shortcomings are quite numerous, and even it has seriously reduced the quality of life, which is not enough to offset its advantages.

1 is the flow of hot water is small. That is, the heat is heated by a thin pipe or the film is heated. This heating principle and structure determine that it is not possible to have a large flow rate. Otherwise, it is necessary to use a super-power heating element, which will significantly increase the cost, and more seriously cause Great security risks. Therefore, the flow rate of many hot water heaters and filter heating machines is generally 500 mo/min.

2 is a small amount of hot water. This means that the hot water that is heated once will not be too much. Many manufacturers will think that the machine will stop heating automatically after setting 300ml. The reason is that heating the components for a long time will bring serious safety hazards, heat dissipation problems and even bursts, or damage other nearby equipment. The structure inside the hot water machine and the filter heating machine is very compact. Who will make a lot of space to dissipate the heating parts? No one will do this. The amount of hot water is small, can we make Kung Fu tea? Of course, you just have to burn a few more times and wait a few more minutes.

3 is the water temperature problem. A slightly higher hot water must be said to be 70 degrees, and it will appear hot when it is cold. This has many factors, the control of the heating element, the size of the water flow and so on. The main reason is that the power cannot be too large. If you choose 90 degrees of hot water, the problem of heat when it is cold will be very serious. Don't say that you can boil the water, you can't do it. The tap can guarantee that 95 degrees is very good. Once it is left in the cup, it can only be 90 degrees. If we want to make black tea, of course not. Plus the hot water when it is cold, the average temperature in the cup is rarely 90 degrees.

4 is scaling. A common problem with hot water pipes is scaling. Unless we burn pure water. Generally, the hot-filter heating integrated machine is also the majority of ultra-filters. There is also a scaling problem. One downside of scaling is thermal inefficiency. Pipe fouling will of course seriously affect heat transfer. The second downside is that the flow is reduced or even stopped, because the pipe is narrowed. The third disadvantage is the burst, the water flow in the pipe becomes smaller, and the natural heat dissipation is bad and bursts.

5 is dripping water after washing, easy to burn, steam reflux and so on. Some of the hot type is automatically expanded by water and flows out without using a water pump. After this shutdown, the hot water will still slowly drop, and some even drop more than ten seconds. For the instant type of water pump, the water pump is generally away from the heating element, and the water supply of the pump is discharged through the heating element, the hose and the faucet. After the pump is stopped, the hot water will still flow to the tap mouth under the steam to cause dripping. When hot water passes through the faucet, it often splashes, which can easily cause burns.

6 is a plastic taste. This is the shortcoming of all the hot type. The silicone tube is used between the heating element and the faucet. The high temperature water will release the harmful substances in the silicone tube. This is a serious problem that cannot be completely solved by lemon, pickling, etc. Because as long as it is high temperature water, it will affect the silicone tube. The silicone tube is also prone to aging and rupture.

7 is inconvenient for maintenance. Many instant heating elements are specially made by the manufacturer. There are almost no common parts on the market. Once damaged, they can only be found. Since the hot internal space is very narrow, it is inconvenient to replace and repair.

Manufacturers all claim that thermal power saving and quick connection. When we burn 300ml of 90 degree hot water, it may be hot or fast. But when we burn 1200ml of hot water, it usually needs to be restarted 4 times after the shutdown, is it still fast? When the hot type is ejected in hot water and flows into the cup, the heat dissipation is very large, that is, the heat loss is very large. In general, electric heating pots with anti-scalding or heat preservation have relatively small heat loss due to concentrated heating. In fact, heating the same quality of water, whether it saves electricity depends on heat loss. That is, each section of the hot water is dissipating heat and its heat loss is greater.