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The idea of selecting cross-border e-commerce sellers such as Amazon: How to start the first step of the selection?
- Sep 10, 2018 -

A good product is the lifeblood of a company. How to ensure that products are competitive in the US market?


First of all, you need to have a preliminary understanding of the product, whether the product meets the local use and market conditions in the United States. In addition, the excellent seller information of peer websites and platforms in the industry is also important reference information.


These seemingly simple things, want to do well or need skills, then how to start the first step of the selection?


First, understand the buyer's needs


Take the bathroom faucet in the hardware as an example. The English name Faucet, first search for this word, extract some key information:


Synonyms are [tap] and [spigot], which can be used as alternate keywords and even added to the title. In the habit of using, the United States uses Faucet more, and Tap is more used by the British, and spigot generally appears in professional articles, reports or discussions.


Google's product name, the search results can first see the vertical stations of well-known brands such as Kohler, and secondly, the online stores of local comprehensive home stores, such as lowes, IKEA, B&Q, etc., and then can see excellent bathroom. Class vertical stations such as, houzz, etc.


If you are not allowed to buy the habits of American buyers, you can also ask Google about "how to choose a sink faucet", and get a general understanding of foreign consumers' perceptions of such products, market demand, etc. Pushing the local buying trend and bringing yourself into the psychology of consumers to study, can more clearly understand the market space of such products.


Second, the station cognition


The market for such products can be found on a large B2B platform:

 faucet search.jpg


. It is recommended to be accurate to the fourth or fifth category (countdown two categories), narrow the scope of observation, and observe the hot products of the underlying category as much as possible (explosive models). For example: the supplier is the main bathroom product in the hardware products, we are going to look at the "bathroom sink faucet" category - "switched bathroom sink faucet / induction bathroom sink faucet" and "bathroom faucet" Accessories "three lowest level subdirectories.


As shown above, you can see hot-selling products, recommended products in the station, etc. The information that needs attention is: price distribution (selection interval), brand distribution (approximate whether the products are mostly brands or unlicensed), variety distribution, A centerset switch handle is also two switch handles, hot and cold water control or only cold water, surface technology (chrome plated, brushed, imitation bronze, etc.), according to style can be divided into modern and antique and so on. This is only a rough classification of the first step. The product price range for each category will be collected later. These will have great reference value for future selection.


2. Search for the corresponding product keywords on the platform, and further filter according to the left navigation bar of the platform. According to the specific product details provided by the supplier, the specific property details corresponding to the platform can be used for more in-depth price research by referring to the screening items corresponding to the platform.


If you feel that the picture is not certain whether the quality of the supplier's product and the website's product are different, you can compare the sample and the supplier's product as needed.


Third, the station outside the reference


Understanding the industry's heat and trends, keyword collection, and excellent competitors' websites can be a reference for us to help us get a closer look at the market.


In the case of unfamiliarity with the target market keywords, you can use simple vocabulary to obtain popular keywords of each search portal, view the analysis of data such as various keyword search traffic, and know the frequency and region of use of product keywords. Distribution.


Fourth, the price ratio


If the supplier provides products with this similar or consistent bathroom sink faucet (parameters: single handle, waterfall, full copper body, surface mirror plating process, ceramic valve core, hot and cold water, etc.) accounting cost: product Cost + head cost + target market local cost


Product cost: The actual purchase cost of the product is often also quoted by the supplier. If there are additional costs such as packaging and design, it needs to be covered. The supplier's product quotation must first be compared to the domestic channel. If the product quotation has no advantage, the price competitiveness of the product will naturally weaken.


Head-to-head cost: All expenses from domestic shipments to US warehouses, including domestic logistics fees, international logistics fees, customs customs fees (customs clearance, customs clearance), and fees for foreign customs to arrive at designated warehouses.


Target market local cost: local logisticsdelivery fees, taxes, platform deductions.


Price: price + US local logistics costs + tax VS competitive commodity prices


The price of the platform is all the cost of the local logistics cost in the United States plus the target profit, but when comparing the price, if the comparison platform is free shipping, we must add the local freight of the product before comparing. Know if your product has a price advantage. Of course, if we focus on wholesale, we can also reflect the price advantage through the wholesale price.


If the quality and price of the supplier's products are competitive, and the product may also be called the best selling products on all platforms, then we can choose our platform to sell, and for its design style, function, materials, surface technology, etc. Category expansion. If each underlying category can pick out some "explosive models" that have advantages, then this product line has a chance to revitalize.