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three minutes to know what's the bidet and bidet faucet?
- Aug 27, 2018 -

In many countries, where there is a toilet, you will generally see a bathroom product that looks like a toilet but can't defecate and is only used to wash the lower body. This bathroom product is called a bidet, or a bidet. In China, families using this product are unique and can only be seen in some high-end hotels. But why is this thing extremely popular in France, Italy, Spain and even Japan, but very few people in China?

Underarm spray batter

What is the bidet in the end?


The bidet is equipped with a faucet nozzle like a wash basin. There are cold and hot water for selection and adjustment, and there are two types of water discharge methods: direct injection and lower spray. It is mainly used for people (both men and women) to wash the lower body. . The earliest bidet was only a water basin. After the invention of the improved version of the bidet with water spray function in 1750, people's hands were liberated. In Europe, the general family bathroom will still have such a bidet next to the toilet. The smart toilet is actually a combination of the ordinary toilet and the bidet (in fact, the bidet is more suitable), and its purifying function has been divided into anal washing and women's washing in the 1980s, and it has been used until now.

Straight spray type bidet


On the smart toilet purchased overseas, you will see the word "Bidet" on the remote control board. This is the foreign name of the women's wash function, and it also refers directly to the bidet. The word Bidet is French, originally meant to be "pony" or "dwarf horse". Because of the early separate bidet, it should be used in the opposite direction as when sitting on the toilet, just like riding on a small horse. In the same way, Hou Yi called the bathroom product with the word Bidet. The smart toilet joined this function in the 1980s, and its concept inherits the separate bidet, so the name is still old and continues to be called by Bidet.

 Smart toilet's bidet function, the principle is the same as the lower spray type bidet

►Popular situation

The baptism was invented by the French, and because French culture is highly regarded by other European countries, it can be popularized in most parts of Europe, and its influence extends to the Middle East, South America and Japan.

However, the blisters are rarely used in the United States because the British colonists at the time looked down on the French aristocrats, so they did not consider bringing the French court products to the United States when they immigrated to the United States. Moreover, the batterers The original intention of the invention was to allow women to perform genital cleansing after sex or during menstruation. The American soldiers also witnessed this product in French brothels during World War II, so they had a dirty and immoral impression, so they did not bring it. To the United States.

►Buffer in China

Bakeware is not common in Chinese households. Although there are manufacturers in production, most of them are exported. However, in recent years, many merchants will place one or two such products in the store to attract consumers' attention. Many consumers initially think of this product, they will mistakenly think that it is a wash basin or a mop pool, or even a footbath. Obviously, low awareness is the reason why such products are difficult to popularize in China.

In addition, domestic real estate developers did not reserve a location for the bathroom when developing real estate. Some residential bathrooms have a small bathroom area, and there is no special water inlet and outlet piping system for installing a bidet. Some of them are intended to improve the quality of life. It is difficult for consumers to realize their dreams. Therefore, when choosing a bathroom product, people prefer to choose only the traditional three large parts, namely the toilet, the wash basin and the bathtub (or shower room), without considering the bidet. In fact, even in China, even ordinary toilets have not yet been popularized, let alone such products.

Some hotels will place a bidet next to the toilet.

Advantages and disadvantages of the bidet

Although the bidet is not popular in China, and I believe that it will not be popular for a long time in the future, there are still many people who set up a bathroom for the bathroom based on the early adopter. In fact, this niche bathroom product also has its rare benefits.

1. Environmental protection

If your bathroom is an ordinary toilet, you should use toilet paper. Since the toilet, especially the siphon type toilet, is generally designed to have a narrow drain pipe, it is more likely to cause clogging than a flush toilet. If the washing is done with a bidet, the effort of wiping with toilet paper is eliminated, and the toilet paper can be saved in a large amount, so that it is more environmentally friendly.

2, health

Since the bidet is cleaned in the private place with clean water, it can avoid the situation that the toilet paper can not be wiped clean, which can reduce the gynecological disease or other diseases. Some rectal surgeons also recommend that the use of a cleansing method such as a bidet after a toilet can help prevent and treat acne and other physical diseases.

3, suitable for the elderly

For the elderly, it may be difficult to wipe the butt with toilet paper. If you use a bidet, you can sit directly on it to clean the private parts, avoiding a series of troublesome steps with toilet paper. If a smart toilet is used, there may be an operation error in the elderly due to too many buttons on the control panel, and the bidet can be used conveniently and directly without excessive operation.

4, can introduce a noble style for the bathroom

As mentioned above, the bidet is a French court product that was previously used by the nobility. At the same time, this bathroom product is now only found in high-end hotels in China. If there is one bathroom in your home, is there more aristocratic style?

Of course, there are also bad places:

1, occupy space

The size of the Chinese family bathroom is too small, and the bidet needs to be installed next to the toilet or the toilet, so there are certain requirements for the space. If it is not a large apartment, it is estimated that there is no such space to put another such product, even if it is, I believe it is more inclined to put a bathtub or shower room.

2, need to set up the water inlet and outlet

The bidet needs to be outside the toilet, and there is a water inlet and a drain, which will increase the cost of decoration. Moreover, if you want to use a bidet, it is best to consider it before the decoration, and preset the waterway. If you think of it after the decoration is finished, it will bring unnecessary trouble.

3, the price is not high

The price of domestic brand bidet is generally around 1,000 yuan, and the price of the matching faucet has not been added. At present, the price of a smart toilet cover ranges from 1,000 to 3,000 yuan, and the domestic brand is more than 1,500 yuan. Therefore, compared with the smart toilet lid, the bidet has a lower cost performance, and it is not necessary to advance in addition to the woman's washing, as well as practical functions such as heating and drying of the seat.

How to use the bidet correctly?

1. First you need to know which is the bidet

This step can be skipped if used at home. However, if you stay at a hotel and have not used such products before, you must first know which is a bidet. As shown in the figure, this is the bidet. Don't think that it is a wash basin. It is generally the same height as the toilet. Most of them will have a faucet on the top and a drain on the bottom.

2. Choose cold or hot water

Generally, the bidet can output cold water and hot water, just like the faucet, usually left hot and right cold.

3. Sit on it in the correct posture

The correct sitting posture of the bidet is as follows, that is, sitting across the legs in the opposite direction to the toilet and cleaning by hand.

4. Other postures

Of course, if you wash the water after it is full, you can sit like this, although it is not too standard.

5. Wash your hands

After washing that, the last step is of course to wash your hands.

Other FAQs:

1. If my family has a smart toilet, do I need a separate bidet?

Intelligent toilets generally have anal cleaning and women's washing functions, so if you have a smart toilet, you don't need to buy another bidet. Of course, if you don't like smart toilets and want to wash your butt in a more pure way, you can also mix them in the form of a regular toilet + bidet.

2, in addition to women's wash, what is the use of the bidet?

Baptism is not only for women. In the West, it is a product for men and women, and its use is not limited to cleaning private parts. Some people even use it to wash mops.

↑ If you have enough courage, you can also use it to wash your face.ahahahaha.