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Trend change, high technology, new process
- Apr 18, 2018 -

The quality of home life is improved, and functional products bear the brunt of it. Because the area of the kitchen and bathroom is reduced and the space is limited, some functions of the kitchen will be separated. For example, refrigerators, microwave ovens, etc. will be removed from the kitchen, and the dining room will be placed in a space, and the kitchen water will be reduced. The installation of large heating pipes and the use of water heaters with space area will be replaced by compact and practical fast heating electric faucet products. The bathroom space will also present a new pattern. The wash basin may be placed out of the bathroom independently. The washing machine will be placed on the balcony more for washing and drying. In today's increasingly popular kitchens and bathrooms, kitchen and bathroom products have their own trends, from materials and functions to design. High-tech, new craftsmanship and new product concepts are continuously updated and subverted, making kitchen and kitchen rooms not only satisfied The simple use of functions has become a direct reflection of the quality of home life.

Instant-heating faucets, also known as instant hot water faucets, are basically referred to as faucets in the industry. It was named after it opened hot water in 3-5 seconds.

Principle: The new type of insulating and heat-conducting material magnesium oxide powder, which has high density, ultra-fine, full filling and other characteristics, so that the heated heating body and the outer wall are reliably separated, so as to completely achieve electrical isolation from the water.

Advantages: 1 safer to use, no air pollution

2 The water temperature is not affected by the water pressure, and the phenomenon of hot and cold will not occur during the shower.

3 to avoid the violent noise of the forced drain water heater

4 Easy installation, no need for professionals, no need to consider exhaust emissions

5 does not need to consider the trouble to change the air every month

6 Adjust the water temperature in the bathroom to avoid indoor use, the outdoor adjustment of the awkward situation

7 compact and space-free

8 affordable, less expensive than buying a single tap and a heating device