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what's shattaf
- Jul 10, 2018 -

The Shattaf Bidet Spray is a must have device that cleans ones rectal and/or genital area by spraying a smooth and gentle spray of water to these areas. The ShattafBidet Spray attaches to your existing toilet providing the same benefits as the expensive full size bidet unit found in many large and expensive homes.

The bidet shower is common in all predominantly Islamic countries and in most parts of Asia where water is considered essential for anal cleansing.this includes many countries,from middle east to far east china,philippines, In those countries it is commonly installed in Western-style (sitting) toilet installations. 

In Thailand, it is common in both Western-style toilets and squat toilet installations. The bidet shower is similar in intent, if not method of use, to the Japanese washlet-style toilet seats, or so-called "electronic bidets."

Bidet showers are used by Muslims in Muslim countries and all parts of the Arab world as well as in Asia in order to cleanse themselves with water after using the toilet.Here, water is commonly used instead of, or together with, toilet paper for cleaning after defecation.

In Europe,the bidet shower is used for example in Finland and Estonia. Bidets are more common bathroom fixtures in many southern European countries.