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Disclaimer Of Iwater Instant Boiling Water Tank Product To All Of Consumers And Customer Before Purchase
- Dec 21, 2018 -

From now on:    

1.For the purchase of our company's full set of products (full set refers to: filters, faucets, heaters), due to quality problems, the warranty for free return within 1 year, 5 years due to our accessories problems, free parts repair.

2. If the customer does not use our water filters and faucets and only purchases the heater, we can only give the heater a one-year warranty. We do not make any promised warranty time if the source of the water is not treated directly with the anti-scale filter.

3. The heater must be placed upright, not allowed to tilt or fall down, thus causing an accident, our company can not be responsible for the loss, it is recommended to fix it.

4. After receiving the product, you must first unscrew the red outlet cover and then unscrew the blue cover. A small amount of pressure is not completely released during the test packing process, which is normal.