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Fast And Easy To Use
- Apr 18, 2018 -

1 50% water saving, 30% energy saving, and energy utilization rate> 95%. Because this faucet adopts terminal heating method, it is instantly heated, no preheating, no insulation, no pipeline heat loss, and saves water storage-type water heaters. Concentrated water supply causes 10-20% heat loss from the pipe connected to the terminal faucet, saving 10-20% of its own insulation heat loss, saving 10-20% of the remaining heat of the pipeline

2 It is inexpensive and the price is less than half that of a storage-type water heater. The lowest price of the product is less than 500 yuan, much lower than the above products. Of course, this price also has strong competitiveness in the industry. This is due to the fact that our products through the 3H3L system have been fully utilized in order to realize the scale efficiency of the products, thus achieving a small size, light weight, technical precision, and high output. , Low volume costs, high market purchase rate

3 small size, easy installation, easy to carry. This product is compact and does not take up space. It is a good product for small rooms. No need for professional staff, it can be installed in 20 minutes. It is especially suitable for floating population, field forces, and field construction teams.

4 The heating speed is quick, that is, it is hot. This product opens the water valve, the power is automatically connected, more than ten seconds can be used to heat the water, quickly and easily, easy to use, to avoid the helplessness of the storage-type electric water heater waiting for helplessness

5 can be heated continuously, with endless hot water. This is also the most prominent place than the water storage type electric water heater, and it has not forgotten the embarrassing situation of being full of soap and no hot water. It does not have the limit of the volume of the water tank and can work continuously. As long as there is electricity and water, she can work forever.