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Hardware And Building Materials: The New Trend Of The Sanitary Industry Under The Market
- Sep 25, 2018 -

      Sanitary ware is one of the most frequently used home decoration products in the world, and even the Japanese writer "Kappa Sister" has specially written a "Peeping Toilet", which is an illustrated and well-known commentator's toilet and bathroom products. And judge the quality of family life with the characteristics of this key place. With the continuous improvement of people's needs, this industry has also emerged a number of items that can be "devil", such as smart toilets that can sing, with the change of water temperature, the faucet of induction... the advancement of technology, let the bathroom From "energy-saving" to intelligent, the products are open all the way to delusion.

When the industrialization of housing and the rise of prefabricated buildings, the bathroom market has also created a "whole" style. Enterprises also transform from single products to tailoring. As an important part of the interior, the sanitary market is expected to open the road to industrialization in the form of a self-contained bathroom. Compared with traditional sanitary ware, the whole bathroom has obvious advantages in the decoration cycle, environmental protection, cost and other fields. With the advancement of residential industrialization and the change of consumer concept, the whole bathroom industry will usher in explosive growth.

Overall bathroom

New industry hatched in 50 years

In 1938, the first inventor of the bathroom, Richard Buckminster Fuller (Richard Buckminster Fuller) invented the iron-based bathroom based on the factory-based production concept.

In 1964, the Japanese government commissioned the "Hitachi Manufacturing Co., Ltd." and "Dongyang Pottery" at the time to develop a new bathroom made of FRP materials based on the products invented by Richard Baxminster Fuller. It was applied at the Tokyo Olympics and since then, the era of UnitBathroom has been opened. After 50 years of development, the overall bathroom application in Japan has reached more than 90%. The use of an industrial integrated bathroom can reduce decoration waste by 90%, construction efficiency by 70%, and material savings by 30%. This is also the reason why the overall sanitary ware is gradually gaining favor in the Chinese market.

The overall bathroom is made of an integrated waterproof chassis, siding, and a top panel, and is equipped with a separate sanitary unit formed by various functional sanitary wares. With the four functions of shower, bath, wash, and toilet, or any combination of these functions, the best overall effect can be achieved in a limited space. Cultivating the overall sanitary ware market is not only to meet the new trend of green consumption, but also to promote the transformation of enterprises from product manufacturing enterprises to overall solution service providers.

From B2B to B2C

The whole bathroom welcomes the assembled building Dongfeng

The overall sanitary ware market has been very lively in recent years, but it can be seen from the survey that the whole bathroom is still starting from the new house, and it is taking the lead in the B2B market, especially after the new market door opened by the national policy of the prefabricated building. , boutique hotels, suitable old houses, integrated houses, ship cruises... industrial production of the whole bathroom factory, fine distribution of all parts factories, on-site construction according to drawings, dry construction, structural assembly, in the B2B market, become a fabricated The best solution for industrialization of building interiors. In particular, the installation efficiency is high, and the process is simple: using a "building block" type of installation, the installation of a whole bathroom can be completed in 4 to 8 hours, and is clean and hygienic. In the rainy season, the tiles are easy to return to the damp. The mold is prone to mold and bacteria. The air encounters the whole bathroom with a thermal buffer layer, which is not easy to condense, even if the whole bathroom is still dry and clean during the rainy season. The waterproof disc is molded in one piece, with 4cm water retaining flange and self-contained water gradient, completely eliminating the hidden trouble of traditional bathroom leakage. These special hard powers meet the needs of most application markets.

Although the overall bathroom has many advantages, the B2C market is still in a period of gradual cultivation. A fairly high proportion of owners are still more inclined to choose their own when choosing sanitary ware. Often, the toilet buys A home, the bathtub is ordered from B, and the bathroom cabinet may be C. In such an era of consumption differentiation and upgrading, the accumulation of comprehensive capacity of the overall sanitary ware enterprise is the most outstanding performance of possessing market competitiveness. From the overall design capabilities, supply chain integration management capabilities, personalized and diversified product production capabilities, new marketing capabilities with cross-border thinking, the company's overall operational management capabilities, can be described as indispensable. The key to manufacturing upgrades is also to see how many companies can move from the traditional bathroom sector to the overall bathroom industry. More hardware related information attention to Anhui hardware building materials platform.