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Here, The RMB Exchange Rate Breaking 7 Is A High Probability Event.
- Sep 05, 2018 -

"The Belt and Road" Initiative has opened up a new trade market for China's foreign trade enterprises, and to some extent eased the export of rubber caused by the continued weakness of external demand. However, the weak demand in the international market is still continuing, and trade friction is more raging under the help of the United States. Enterprises are "dangerous" and "machines".

According to the "Report on the Survival Status of Foreign Trade Enterprises in 2017", the "cost increase" has surpassed the multi-year champion of "weak demand in the international market and reduced orders", and the summit has become the biggest factor affecting corporate exports. Under such circumstances, how should foreign trade enterprises break down and gain more profits?

In 2018, the RMB exchange rate has always touched the hearts of foreign traders. Firstly, it quickly rose from the 6.5 range to the 6.3 range in a period of more than one month, and the appreciation rate was close to 4%. Then, since April, it has been “falling down”. As of July 3, the RMB exchange rate has depreciated by more than 7%. Such a roller coaster-style market makes foreign trade companies stunned!

Anyway,we will keep focusing on this floating situation every day,Any update,we should share with you for ref and making smart decision.