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How To Determine Whether You Have A High Or Low Water Pressure System
- Oct 25, 2018 -

High Pressure Water System

Pressurised water systems are usually modern combi heaters or gas water heaters that give you a continuous flow of hot water.If you have this system you are likely to have a boiler unit but no hot water cylinder.The boiler is usually found in the kitchen giving hot water on demand.If this is your system you should be able to choose from both the high or low pressure kitchen taps in our range.

high pressure pump

High Pressure Pumped Water System

The other version of a high pressured system is a pumped system. This consists of a hot water cylinder with an expansion vessel on top often called a Megaflo. These are usually found in the airing cupboard and with this system you would usually not have a cold water tank. With this high pressure system you can also choose from any of our high pressure kitchen taps or low pressure kitchen taps.

high pressure pump

Gravity Fed System

Non-pressurised systems or otherwise known as Gravity fed systems normally have a cold water tank in the attic and the hot water tank in the airing cupboard. If your system looks like this then you should choose taps that state they are suitable for low pressure systems.

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