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Iwater Faucet Marketing Strategy And Analyse
- May 18, 2018 -

Iwater faucet marketing strategy:

Most of faucet suppliers are located in Guangdong and Fujian province,some are in Zhejiang. If you just focus on Delta, Moen, Kohler, Pfister and American Standard etc international sanitary ware brand or Homedepot, Lowe’s etc sales channel OEM service, The market is limited and very passive for negotiation as supplier. Iwater opinion is not to only pursue these kind of giant customer. In fact, there are very big development space in middle and high-end national brand market for ordinary Chinese manufacturers.There are two reason about it:

1.      As Hongkong and Taiwan trading company has been cooperating with USA customers for many years,it’s time to set up directly relationship between factories and customers to save the channel cost.Iwater talented team has this ability to grasp this opportunity and trend.

2.      By the refining and plating technology progress and management improvement in recent years, Additional,the supplier in Zhejiang has cost advantage on mass qty production.More and more customers from USA will choose Zhejiang as their production base.

Challenge: It’s the big investment on cUPC,NSF/AB1953 and CSA certificate etc in north America market and annual inspection charge,Small plants can’t offord it.


In fact,many supplier has these hardware condition,but talented people who has comprehensive understanding for market are very few, Iwater team know this situation are very well and then always keep studying on it.