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Significant Water Saving Effect
- Apr 18, 2018 -

Without the switch, the person walks under the sprinkler head and the sprinkler sprays water automatically, leaving the automatic water stop. Eliminating the phenomenon of soaping in the bath and keeping the valve flowing during the bathing period, according to customer feedback statistics, saving more than 35%.

The sensor shower has obvious water-saving effect and can be watered without touching the switch, highlighting the advantages of the bath and the universal application in the bath. Our company has been focusing on the production of sensory showers and knows what kind of products are more practical. Continuous improvement, the product has the following functions:

1, large filter cups, reducing the number of cleaning, more suitable for bath use.

2. The filter cup adopts the industrial flange connection. The stainless steel screw can be removed to remove the filter cleaning screw. From now on, you can say goodbye to the non-removable filter cup.

3, the power supply is equipped with a backup power supply, even if the power outage, guests can also take a bath and resolve the sudden power failure in the bath.

4, anti-fog, anti-tap towel function better.

5, the nozzle uses pulse valve, the nozzle is only in the water, stop the water instant electricity, bath nozzle is not energized.

6, the controller uses a unique fixed structure, remove the fixed ears on both sides, the appearance is more beautiful.

7, using 12V DC power supply, safe and worry-free.

8, optional infrared remote control to adjust the shower sensing distance, sensitivity and other details, more considerate.

9, filter cup interface using copper inserts, the product is more robust and durable.

Applicable places: public baths such as offices, factories, mines, schools, and hotels; swimming pools, bathing centers, bathing beaches, etc.