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Special Mid-Autumn Festival For Sino-US Trade War
- Sep 25, 2018 -

The Sino-US trade war has entered a new stage, and three of China and the United States have never thought of it!



Come and not be indecent.

This old Chinese saying is particularly appropriate today.

Today, on September 24th, during the Mid-Autumn Festival of Chinese Traditional Chinese Festival, the United States sent a “blessing ceremony”: a 10% tariff on my 200 billion US dollars for US exports; then China’s “return”, levying US$60 billion on US goods. 10% or 5% tariff.

The soldiers will block the water and cover the water. The Sino-US trade war has entered a new stage, and the total value of the two countries involved in the trade has increased by 200 billion to 60 billion from the previous 50 billion to 50 billion.

According to the United States, things are not over yet. If China counterattacks, how will the United States be. However, China is scared, perhaps just a coincidence. On September 24, when the United States imposed tariffs, China’s counterattack also issued a white paper entitled "Facts on Sino-US Trade Frictions and China's Position."

There is no small matter in diplomacy. If you don’t send it one day, and don’t send it one day later, you must send it on the same day of the new round of tariffs on the Mid-Autumn Festival.

This obviously will not be casual. The information that China wants to convey is believed to be understandable. This is a comprehensive counterattack against the US economic bullying and public opinion offensive.


Counting this unprecedented trade game, it has been half a year since.

On March 22nd, Trump signed a memorandum of president, claiming that according to the results of the "301 investigation," it will impose large-scale tariffs on goods imported from China and restrict Chinese companies from investing in the United States.

China and the United States thus kicked off the game. During this period, there were many negotiations and negotiations, but in the end it was still the trade war. In the white paper of 36,000 words, the Chinese side clearly stated this:

Starting from safeguarding the common interests of the two countries and the world trade order, China adheres to the basic principles of dispute resolution through dialogue and consultation, responds to US concerns with the utmost patience and sincerity, and seeks to resolve differences with the same attitude of reserving differences and overcome various difficulties. Multi-round dialogues and consultations, put forward pragmatic solutions, and made painstaking efforts to stabilize bilateral economic and trade relations.

However, the United States has been rebellious and has been plagued, resulting in the continuous escalation of Sino-US economic and trade frictions in a short period of time. This has greatly damaged the Sino-US economic and trade relations that the two governments and people have worked hard for many years, and has also encountered the multilateral trading system and the principle of free trade. serious threat.

We have shown the greatest patience and sincerity, but the US has been rebellious and constantly embarrassed. Therefore, "To clarify the facts of China-US economic and trade relations, clarify China's policy stance on Sino-US economic and trade frictions, and promote the rational resolution of the issue, the Chinese government has issued this issue. white paper."

The facts need to be clarified, the position needs to be clarified, and we still hope that the problem can be solved reasonably. But the other side always has some kind of illusion, and always thinks that China will finally yield. Combining this white paper with a series of struggles over the past six months, there should be three unforeseen things for the United States.

The first one did not expect that China did not expect China to be so big.

Trump has repeatedly declared that the trade war is very simple and the United States will definitely win. Pressure by extreme means has always been Trump's masterpiece, and his self-proclaimed "art of trading."

He thought that as long as the $50 billion tariff card is issued, China will definitely be soft; if 50 billion will not work, then it will add another 200 billion US dollars; if not, then it will continue to increase.

But I know, the United States really kicked the iron plate this time. After each US list of Chinese commodity tax collections, China immediately listed the counter-attack list, which was tit-for-tat and did not show weakness. Every time he threatened China to fight back, otherwise China did not hesitate to counterattack.

The white paper clearly stated that China firmly upholds the national dignity and core interests. For the trade war, China is unwilling to fight, not afraid to fight, and has to fight if necessary.

The door to China's negotiations has always been open, but negotiations must be based on mutual respect, mutual equality, and faithfulness, words and deeds, and cannot be carried out under the threat of a big bar, not at the expense of China's right to development.


In a word: talk, the door is open; fight, to accompany the end.

But the current practice in the United States, in the words of some friends, is to destroy the Chinese economy and sacrifice China’s right to development. China has no room for retreat. Never expect China to swallow the bitter fruit that harms its own interests.

The second one did not expect that China’s economic resilience was so strong.

US officials have repeatedly hinted that your Chinese economy is declining and your stock market is falling. Therefore, in the trade war against the United States, your China will lose.

But half a year has passed, and China has no flaws. The United States can only escalate its trade wars and try to force China to yield. That is because the United States really underestimated the resilience of the Chinese economy.

It must be noted that China was indeed export-oriented in the past, but the export effect of China's economy has been decreasing. It has shrunk to 9.1% last year, and the contribution rate of consumption to the Chinese economy reached 58.8% last year. Moreover, China is also taking various measures to stabilize market confidence and expectations. A series of recent initiatives that promote reform and opening up are a signal.

What's more, China is the second largest economy in the world. There is a huge market that no country wants to lose and has no alternatives. It has a complete industrial chain, convenient infrastructure and business environment. This is our greatest response to the trade war. .

The white paper clearly stated that the door to China's opening will not be closed, and it will only become bigger and bigger. It will continue to play a decisive role in the allocation of resources, better play the role of the government, encourage competition, and oppose monopoly; it will effectively manage its own affairs. Develop a higher level of open economy and develop and share prosperity with all countries in the world that are pursuing progress.

There is no winner in the trade war, and China will face losses, but the United States will not be able to retreat. As pointed out in the white paper, China is the largest export market for aircraft and soybeans in the United States, and the second largest export market for automobiles, integrated circuits and cotton.

In 2017, 57% of soybeans, 25% of Boeing aircraft, 20% of cars, 14% of integrated circuits, and 17% of cotton exported to the United States were sold to China.

From the perspective of recruiting and recruiting in China, China is very calm and confident, and there is a clear-cut behind it. Dare to fight can stop the war, in fact, there is not enough enthusiasm, without sufficient judgment, without the power of making a decision, China must have already begun Trump's way.

The third did not expect, did not expect China to counterattack so rational.

Frankly speaking, if you look at the comments of some foreign experts and scholars, there is a strong voice: that is whether China is too rational and whether the counterattack is too weak.

For example, the United States imposes tariffs on 200 billion U.S. dollars, and the tax rate is 10%; China’s counterattack is only 60 billion U.S. dollars, and the tax rate is 10% or 5%. Too bad, even if there are not so many American goods, don't forget, there are so many American companies making money in the Chinese market.

However, the Chinese government’s approach is still calm. We have seen that since the trade war, the Chinese side has not lost its rationality because of the offensive of the other side, and it has not been panicked by the unprecedented scale of trade wars.

On the Mid-Autumn Festival, China even published a white paper, refuting the US’s false accusations, expounding China’s views, accusing all kinds of false accusations, arguing through facts, and detailed data. Fully demonstrated.

Regardless of how the United States plays, China still insists on not firing the first shot. For example, the United States imposes tariffs at 12 noon in Beijing time, and the Chinese counterattack is 12:01. The United States has adjusted the original 25% tariff to 10%. That is why China has changed its tariffs to two.

Very interesting, there are two different attitudes of the Chinese side. For the United States, since you have to impose tariffs, I am sorry, American goods must also be aggrieved. But for other countries, China has repeatedly said that it is welcome to take the Chinese economy's free rides and express trains. China is still improving customs clearance efficiency and reducing customs clearance costs. Moreover, the International Import Expo will be held as scheduled.

For China, relations with the United States are very important; but more importantly, we must do a good job of China's own affairs.

The white paper released today illustrates China’s eight firm positions on Sino-US economic and trade frictions:

1. China firmly upholds national dignity and core interests;

2. China firmly promotes the healthy development of China-US economic and trade relations;

3. China firmly maintains and promotes reform and improvement of the multilateral trading system;

4. China firmly protects property rights and intellectual property rights;

5. China firmly protects the legitimate rights and interests of foreign businessmen in China;

6. China is firmly committed to deepening reform and opening up;

7. China firmly promotes mutually beneficial and win-win cooperation with other developed countries and developing countries;

8. China firmly promotes the building of a community of human destiny.

What is rationality, this is reason; what is calm, this is calm; what is self-confidence, this is full confidence.


For the United States, the Chinese decision-making level has a clear understanding. But for many Chinese people, the situation in the past six months has been ups and downs. It must be admitted that for the current US government, many of us still have some thoughts.

1, I did not expect the United States to ignore credit.

It has clearly reached a consensus that the US Treasury Secretary has also publicly stated that the two sides are not fighting trade. But the words are still in the ears, and the White House’s tariff bar has been waved. The white paper pointed out that China's response to US concerns with the utmost patience and sincerity is that the United States is constantly embarrassing. This way, we don’t talk about credit. If we change it, we will change it next time. How can we talk about it next time? How can we believe that once a consensus or agreement is reached, it will be torn again.

2, I did not expect the United States to be unreasonable.

Several hearings have become complaints of American companies. The overwhelming voice believes that the addition of tariffs on Chinese goods is actually damaging American companies and consumers. Mainstream economists in the United States have also warned that the trade deficit is seen as a loss, and it is a confusing concept of trade. However, the United States continues to push forward the trade war regardless of disregard. This is unreasonable, there is nothing to say.

3, I did not expect that the United States can be so entangled.

Time and time again, some are related to economic and trade, and some even surpassed the economic and trade field. For example, the recent military cooperation between China and Russia has not caused sanctions against the Chinese military. This is a serious violation of the basic norms of international law and international relations. Of course, the United States is not just targeting China, and the continuous "out of the group" farce has let the world see the lower limit of the superpower that the United States continues to pull down.

Of course, all kinds of challenges have also given China a clearer understanding. For example, in terms of core technology, as the top leaders of China have warned: the core technology is the heavy weapon of the country. Building a house on the wall of others, and being beautiful again may not weather the wind and rain, and may even be vulnerable. The core technology is subject to people, which is our biggest hidden danger.

In the past, they are all prologues.

The present United States has indeed brought new variables and challenges to the world; but China in the new era is by no means an object that can be easily suppressed. This is a smart fight. The two sides will see the move and the move, and will inevitably have a far-reaching impact on the evolution of the world pattern.

Today is still the traditional Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival. More than 1000 years ago, the Song Dynasty grand writer Su Shi sighed the impermanence in the mid-autumn poetry "Water Melody" that has been passed down through the ages: people have joys and sorrows, and the moon is full of gloom.

There is never a flat road in the world, and life cannot be done smoothly. Life is like this, and the country is no different.

On the day of the Mid-Autumn Festival, rereading Su Shi’s famous articles, I can’t help but think of his warning in The Mistakes: The most troublesome thing in the world is that there is nothing wrong with the rule, but there are unforeseen worries.

After more than 1,000 years, President Xi also mentioned this sentence many times. The simple translation is: the scourge of the world, the most difficult to solve is nothing on the surface, but there are actually unpredictable hidden dangers.

China is indeed facing a golden opportunity, but we must be sober. The closer China is to the center of the world stage, the more severe the challenge will be. It is not driven by human will. There are always some hidden dangers that we must solve through deepening reforms. There are always some hurdles that we must bravely move forward.

If you panic in the face of pressure, then you are in the middle of the other side of the mind, it may be endless troubles.

Today's Mid-Autumn Festival, the Mid-Autumn Festival of special significance, history will surely remember this day!